Vision :

“Achieving a Cooperative Structure in Tripura with reliable, productive, efficient and sustainable economic initiatives”.

Mission :

Main mission of the Department is to make every people of the State as good Co-operators and to help economic upliftment of the poor people of Tripura.

Objectives :

To achieve the cherished Mission, Department of Cooperation is supporting the cooperatives for ensuring a more convenient atmosphere for the cooperatives, creating a more positive public image regarding the cooperatives, increasing the confidence in the sector, displaying effective and efficient practices, ensuring sustainability, competitiveness and innovation, increasing the contribution of the cooperatives to economic development and fair distribution of income.

Department of cooperation at the state level consist of Secretary, Registrar of Co-operative Societies (RCS), Additional Registrar, Joint Registrar, Deputy Registrar(DRCS),Law Officer, Assistant Registrar(ARCS), Cooperative Officer, Cooperative Inspector , Auditor & Investigator and so on . There are 12(twelve) Branches/Sections including Law section under Office of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies. Each Branches/Sections is headed by a Branch Officer(B.O) in the level of Assistant Registrar and Law section is looking after by Law officer cum Drafts man.

The statutory functions of the Department are broadly classified as below :-

  • Registering of the Co-operative societies and other proposal of societies under S.R.Act, 1860.
  • Conducting inspection/ enquiry.
  • Liquidation of non viable cooperative societies.
  • Finalization of Audit of accounts of all Cooperative Societies & keep uptodate.
  • Holding of Election of Board of Directors of all Cooperative Societies with in a time frame, where pending.
  • Providing financial assistance to Cooperative Societies.
  • Revitalization of LAMPS, PACS, PMCS, APEX Level Societies where needed.
  • Cooperative education and training in a regular manner.
  • Winding up and cancellation of Registration of dormant Cooperative Societies, if any.
  • Availing of financial assistance from National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC) under available schematic pattern.
  • Recovery of overdues.
  • Arranging training & other HR related  issues through State  Cooperative Union.

These functions are discharged by the Registrar of cooperative societies, who has been vested with powers under the Tripura Cooperative societies Act, 1974 & Rules, 1976. The Department extends financial assistance to the Apex level cooperative societies, LAMPS, PACS, Primary Marketing Societies and other cooperative societies in the form of share capital assistance, managerial subsidy, working capital loan, and grants keeping a close vigilance on the utilization of the fund.

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